The restaurant operates by reservation only. We are open for dinner from 7pm and it is possible to book until 8:30pm the latest. Same day booking is possible until 4pm. Only Tasting Menu is available for Dinner.

We are also open for lunch from 1pm on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and daily from June 15th to September 15th.


For group lunch and dinnes, please contact


The bar is reserved for guests only.

Reservations by phone +351 261 936 355

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The hotel is the product of a dream, a strong desire to create a large house overlooking the sea that could welcome people from all over the world. An hotel that stirs emotions and touches people’s hearts ...
The hotel was developed with great environmental awareness, in an attempt to achieve harmonious integration. The key concern was, and always will be, to cause the lowest environmental impact while the hotel will play an awareness-raising role among those who visit it.

The hotel adheres to principles of sustainable tourism, based on energy efficiency, renewable energies and use of natural resources.

Waste management is primarily focused on reduction, then reuse and finally recycling. In the kitchen, large and (when possible) returnable packages are bought. Organic waste is sent to the composting centre, providing a natural fertilizer to nourish the surrounding arable land. Every day in the hotel garden, we pick fruit, vegetables and herbs that are clean and chemical-free, lending a unique and healthy flavour to dishes created in the restaurant. Guests are invited to take part in a range of activities, from land to plate!

The kitchen gives priority to suppliers from the region, sharing fish from the market, pasture meat and vegetables, herbs and flowers that grow free in the garden.


More than an experience, it is a combination of flavours and personality, where each dish tells a different story.

Gastronomy that uses seasonal and mostly Portuguese produce, much of it local. Cuisine that uses and abuses the flowers, bulbs, vegetables and herbs found in the hotel garden. Cuisine that sets off to discover the region’s fishermen and hunters. Improbable and inspiring cuisine.

Share a “lovingly created” gastronomic experience at our table.

The kitchen garden

Strongly connected to the EARTH, the kitchen’s day always begins in the garden. Wicker basket in hand, sun shining, the chef wanders through the garden collecting ingredients that make the journey from the land to your plate.

A lovingly tended vegetable garden, inspired by the principles of permaculture and agroforestry. An organic garden imbued with the scent of rosemary, basil and thyme, bursting with fruit, flowers, berries and vegetables! Our garden is its own ecosystem where butterflies, lizards, frogs, bees and birds all have a place and a function. In fact, we are trying to imitate nature itself so that it will become an efficient, self-sustaining system, requiring the least amount of energy input to achieve the maximum output.

In our organic kitchen garden … Embrace nature with us and feel the earth between your fingers!